Overcoming the Growth Challenges of Wood Entrepreneurs in India

wood entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs with small and medium enterprises contributing about 8% to our country’s GDP. They also play a significantly important role in India’s economy. A multitude of business verticals is growing regularly and the growth of the wood industry has been stationary. The wood industry covers the packaging, automotive, furnishing domains and architectural. Demand for wood products is huge due to the interior design industry. So the wood entrepreneurs are facing challenges who are trying to capture the market.

wood entrepreneurs

An Art Which is Disappearing

Carpentry is shrinking year by year, while it is one of the oldest professions. It is shrinking due to the unattractive salaries and advent of automation according to the time. So this repels people from entering the wood industry and also upcoming potential talent hesitate to join this profession.

Steps to secure these professionals and promote their careers in carpentry to new levels. So provide the incentives to retain them and reserve their knowledge.

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A Need for Standardization

Unorganized nature of the wood market is one of India’s big challenges. It affects production and has no minimum standards in construction. Wood grading varies from country to country. And with the help of the international system, you can distinguish in wood quality.

There are two international standards
  1. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): It classifies the sustainability of the wood and also ensures that deforestation is tightly controlled.
  2. Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI): It indicates that wood is not logged illegally and not sourced from protected ecosystems.

Both standards are for protecting the environment and the trees.

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Hope for Desiring Wood Entrepreneurs

Opportunities are always available for entrepreneurs who are seeking growth in the market. Whenever consumers look for the quality they want the product which simpler, easier and cheaper in maintaining. Facilitating and educating the whole purchase experience of the correct materials. This is experienced to suit their motive in which wood entrepreneurs can face the challenge. Therefore by doing this wood entrepreneurs can make their mark and forge long-lasting relationships in the industry.

Customers are able to make better-informed investment and a decision by sharing the qualities of wood with customers, like the species needed for a certain climate, its durability, whether it needs chemical treatment.

Sustainable Consumption

Hence customers are reducing their carbon footprint by making an environmentally friendly and sustainable purchase. So it has a great opportunity in the growth of your product. Wood is a quite good sustainable solution for the countries which are agreeing to plant more trees that they fell. Its resource and trees reduce the amount of carbon present in the air because it captures some amount of it in their trunks.

Finding solutions to the sustainable and quality wood that is capably engineered is where the opportunity and challenge both lie. Creating technology that standardizes and automates wood processing for a quality end product. So this is done while providing facilitated, transparent and sincere purchasing experience. This process allows the wood entrepreneurs to enter the market successfully and establish a thriving legacy.



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