Few businesses that are small and easy to start have been listed below. A small business idea that does not involve much capital initially is quite feasible for everyone. Biotechnology, resource extraction, food industry are some fields which have business opportunities, however not every small business owner would be able to avail every opportunity in each industry but he can choose the most appropriate one.

Firstly, there are several fields which can be considered for starting up a small business. Choose the field that interests you.

Secondly, the businesses given below are easy to start and do not require a number of degrees or million dollar bucks but there can be other entry barriers which you need to take care of.

Thirdly, make sure to complete all the legal formalities before starting and within the business tenure.

With no delay, the best-picked business opportunities of 2015 are:

Gluten-Free eateries

Gluten-free eatables are highly in demand these days, removing gluten and wheat from the food is not something which can be adopted only by some particular brand of eateries, but it is something which everyone wants to adopt. Now the big chains of bakeries and restaurants are making more and more items on their menu, gluten-free. There is enormous opportunity to start up a business in this field if you offer real, tasty, fresh and hard to find gluten-free foods such as sandwiches, soups, and bread.

Play school, day care and Nanny Services

The Vanier institute of Canada has estimated that the available child care centers which are regulated properly can accommodate only 22% of the children under six. This was even published in an article titled “Million Dollar Babies” written by Tamsin McMahon. The shortage of affordable alternatives has led to a booming market of babysitters and nannies. In the same article, it was also mentioned that the domestic nannies’ and babysitters’ wages account to approximately $19000 to $21000 annually.

The business opportunity does not say that you become a nanny yourself but to open up a properly regulated day care centers and provide nannies, baby-sitters to others.

Patient Advocates

Our loved ones, friend or a family member might have sometimes or the other encountered a serious illness or hospitalization. We all know that how painful it can be to navigate the entire medical system. Your role, as a patient advocate will be to help people who are undergoing such situation in getting the best possible health care.

You don’t need to have a medical background for becoming a patient advocate, although it could be an added advantage. Trish Torrey, a patient empowerment expert has detailed various types of patient advocacy which you might choose and take specialization.

So you want to be a patient advocate?

Tattoos, Piercings and body ornamentation services

Few years back, getting a tattoo done on the body was not done by any respectable women, she would not even think about it. Now the time has changed and every youngster of either gender wants to have at least one piercing on their body. The craze of tattoos is also booming up. There are other body decoration types too, which can be a good business opportunity. Each day tries to improve and become ahead of the mainstream. Provide fresh and clean experience to the clients and watch the number of visitors increasing in your parlor.

Transport services for the non-mobile

This business opportunity might pop-up as the best business opportunity in the near future because the demand is there but supply is negligible. This requirement will be making this business opportunity to boom in the future. Not just the senior citizens, there are people who face mobility issues because of many reasons, such as obesity; any person, who is totally dependent on a wheelchair or scooter also will not be able to climb up a taxi or a bus immediately. Find a place with a high number of senior citizens and a motorized vehicle can bring you a good luck along with money.

Home care

The very first baby boomers turned 65 in 2011. By 2030, the entire generation of Baby Boomers will turn 65 and one-fourth of the entire US population will be considered as elderly. Unfortunately, this generation will be living for longer years than the previous generation but they will also spend more years of sickness as reported by United Health Foundation USA on senior’s health. Combine this with the crowded medical system’s shortage of beds for the elderly care and you will find a large and growing need of home care. Develop your own company which offers such services or you can even buy a senior care franchise available.

Developing mobile apps

The app, Angry Bird was the beginning of something big and now there are several apps for every day-to-day from monitoring you heart rate to managing your spouse. The later app was made to remember important dates and information so that your relation always remains in a good health. Develop the skills of building apps and develop an app which becomes popular or takes cash for creating apps for the increasing number of big and small businesses that are demanding branded apps of their own.

Tea variety Stores

Every year people in Canada drink around 10 billion cups of tea, as reported by Statistics Canada. This makes tea business a great opportunity to start over. By 2020, the consumption of tea is expected to rise by 40%. This survey and reports on food consumption trends were provided by a government agency of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. The agency has the interest in health and wellness of people all across the country. If you start a tea business, you should know that it is now available in the various stranger and peppier flavors like popcorn, maple, birthday cake etc.; tea cocktails are also making their presence stronger. Don’t just limit your tea store to black and green tea, offer all.

E-commerce trading

The eCommerce stats are really astonishing- the trend of window shopping of products in various retail showrooms and then purchasing it from an online store, usually as a lower cost is becoming quite popular in not just the North Americans, but all across the globe. The U.S retail eCommerce business saw a hike of 15% before the recessions, the sales reaching up to $186.2 billion (the highest annual growth reported before the recession). The overall global eCommerce sales crossed $1 trillion in 2012 for the first time ever, leveraged by the hike in the Asia-pacific region and North America. It is expected that eCommerce will be seeing, only growth in the near future.

You too can set up an eCommerce store very easily. Choose the right products, place them online and you could make your own profitable business.

Financial planners and advisors

Very few people, as less as 20% people in Canada are confident about their financial planning and money skills when it comes to plan a financially secure future. This survey was conducted by Ipsos Reid – the results clearly depict that there is the large mass of Canadian who would require help in financial planning. It makes a large room for the financial advisors and planners. The financial planning and advising jobs are likely to grow rapidly in the US in the next decade. The survey conducted by Bureau of Labor statistics has projected a growth rate of 32% between 2010 and 2020. Financial planning for retirement, small business safety, insurance etc. are the specialties in which the financial advisors have a bright future.

What’s special about these business opportunities?

The business ideas given above won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but yes these business opportunities will provide you an easy way to make money and earn your livelihood without much investment. Although there is no guarantee here that how much good luck the business will bring in but remember ‘Hard work never goes waste’.

Stop thinking and get in action

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