Dynamic is so Overrated.  Static website design are back in style, for beauty appeal and functional purposes.

Static website design are back! The days when businesses used to have moving characters, animations & Graphics all over their landing page to make it look interesting to have now faded into time. Organizations no matter large or small are using static websites these days.
If you are new to this web design world, you might not be that familiar with the terms.  Technically, a static website is built on HTML and CSS and does not involve scripting. To change the content that appears in front-end HTML source code needs to be edit directly.

The dynamic web page consists of both back-end and the front-end scripts to host the web pages within a website. Dynamic websites interact with the database to serve content, unlike static websites. In simple words, a static website is the one where the content on the website stays the same for every visit whereas for a dynamic website the content changes with every visit.

E.g:  your favorite social networking site Twitter is a dynamic website, whereas a site talking about a particular service, like some service business, is example of static website design.

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