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India’s leading best club management software is designed to be a user-friendly solution for your club’s inquiries, bookings, online payment and team performance management. Cloud based club membership software which is best to manage club’s members and membership.

Whether you are managing a large club, multiple locations or just your local club, we have the best solution for you.

7eye Club and Resort Management Software delivers a complete and integrated system for the management of club, resort and membership based industry.

Key Features

The best concept about our club management software is that it doesn’t matter what type of club you have such as sports, hobby, social or the other type of club, it can be suitable to your club’s requirements, and gives benefits to grow club’s membership and revenue.

Provide the functionality to manage your Club Members

All In One Club Management Software All the functionalities are organised into modules which are fully secure, online access available anywhere, any time, on any device for you and for your members.

Authentication Management

This club ERP software can be accessed by the users (members / employees) by the use of normal user names & passwords. In addition the system allows the clubs the option of having other forms of authentication in the system to enhance security as follows. 1. Smart cards 2. Biometric Devices

Membership management

IRCA’s club management software can be used to create new members and also define the type of members. Gives clarity on wait-list members. Fully-process driven by work flows.


All Restaurant and facility usage billing can be managed through the billing system that is completely secure and can be integrated with the biometric authentication management system. The billing module allow robust management of billing activities in user friendly manner and provides a strong audit trail of all billing related data changes.

Restaurant / Bar Management

This ERP software provides a very user – friendly interface / user experience in carrying out quick billing, fully integrated with a inventory management system.

Payment Gateway Integration

7eye Club Management system allows the club to provide a payment gateway service to its members to allow them to pay their bills online. This facility will make it more convenient for members to clear their bills with the club without having to go the club.

Bulk Email

The club will be able to send emails with general info as well as monthly invoice details to its members. The system will ensure the transmission of these emails to the members.

Member Access to Club Info

The club will also have the option of enabling member access to the club related information. Members will be able to login to the club website and access info about their recent bills, payments, golf scores, tournament scours, etc.

Inventory Control

Inventory of the club is tracked through this club software which allows tracking of purchases, issues and stock transfers. Club can define multiple stores and items which will be tracked in these stores. The stores can be later linked to the restaurant or bar facilities to improve traceability of stocks.

Facility Management

The various facilities available at the club, example badminton, billiards, tennis, gym etc. for use by its members can be defined here along with any usage charges and usage restrictions that maybe applicable. The charges and restrictions may be imposed based on the type of member (member / affiliated club member / guest etc.).

Party hall booking

Members can book party hall in advance, slots-wise (breakfast slot, lunch slot, snacks slot, etc.) Party booking can also be done. Party hall bill settlement includes hall rent as well as food and beverages bill also.


Extensive Reports are provided for every module that is available to the club. The club can also have reports specific to its own requirements.

Smart Card Management

This ERP for clubs is capable of issuing multiple types of smart cards to the members that can be used to authenticate members / guests and authorize the usage of club facilities. The cards can be used to either provide credit services or cash on card facility to the users.

Bulk SMS

Club will be able to send SMS with general info as well as monthly invoice details to its members. The system will ensure the transmission of these messages to the members.

Payroll Management

The employee payroll management facility allows the club to define the various types of personal that work for the club and the salary / wage details of these personnel. The feature is able to track employee attendance, overtime, staff advance and staff advance recoveries and also provides a facility to process the monthly salary details. The attendance management is integrated with biometric handprint reader for authentication of the employee.

Automates processes

Productivity tools like club management software tap the power of automation to streamline and speed up routine tasks such as data entry to save time and effort for your employees, and at the same time minimizing errors.

Integration with other business systems

Today’s club management platforms have powerful integration capabilities that work with third-party business systems, services and apps you use such as CRM, payment gateways, social media, accounting, and chat and communications software, and many others.

Drives revenues

Most club management software have marketing, promotional and branding features to help you reach out to potential members as well as to encourage existing members to use your facilities and services more extensively.

Customer Ease & Convenience

From joining your club, to on-boarding, to checking-in to your establishment, to planning and scheduling a workout regimen with your club trainers, and to payment for your services, everything on the member or customer side is facilitated by customer management software.

Enhanced data security

Club management software, especially online platforms, provide secure cloud storage for information, records and transactions such as personal and credit card details of members. Advanced security features are offered to ensure that only authorized persons get access to confidential information.

Improved customer experience

Club members can use portals and online forums created by the software to share their experiences with other users. Online communities provide a sense of camaraderie that improves member satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

Business Efficiency & Productivity

A more productive staff and more efficient operation are expected outcomes of streamlined and automated tasks and processes. No more mess in overlapping schedules and appointments.

Safety & Security

Online club management software affords you some of the most stringent measures to safeguard vital customer and business data. You are provided security protocols, encryption and authentication measures to deter breaches and hacks, and ensure the integrity of sensitive information relating to your customers and transactions.


This feature lets the club define its organizational structure, employee data, bank details, member information, etc. The club can also define parameters specific to its own rules and regulations within this club software.

All In One Club Management Software All the functionalities are organised into modules which are fully secure, online access available anywhere, any time, on any device for you and for your members.

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What they say about used our product

Mr. Udit Gaikwad

Director - Little Kingdom school Jabalur

The Transport Management option of Digital School Centralizes System is extremely useful for us as now we can manage all our transport services easily as it provides continuous tracking of the vehicle till the children reach to school regular. SMS alerts are also sent to parents in case the bus is delayed or if there is a change in the bus schedule.

Mrs. Palak Tiwari Gaikwad

Director - Little Kingdom school Jabalur

It is very easy and user-friendly software with good support. It has made everything under my control as now I can easily manage all my work.

Mrs. R.D. Gaikwad

Chairman - Little Kingdom school Jabalur

It is great value for money as it provides all management tools at one place which saves a lot of time.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chandel

Gyan Ganga International School

Your Examination Management Software has made it a lot easier for me to conduct examinations at school smoothly as it automatically handles all the student data by itself and has reduced a lot of paperwork.

Mr.Ravi Mishra

Central Academy International School

I have used your software for managing the fee department at my school. It has reduced a lot of office work like printing receipts, updating fee register, etc. Now I can find all the fee details in one place easily. I would recommend everyone to use this software.

Mr Vasu Shukla

Director - Central Academy Higher Sec School Jabalpur

By using your management software now everything in my school is managed in a very systematic and timely manner. I am satisfied with the service provided and will continue to use it in the future as well.

Dr. Yashi Pandey

Director - Somja nursery school

I must say that this software provides solutions to all the problems that we face while managing school at different levels. From inventory to accounts everything can be managed very easily by the use of this single software.